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With the many opportunities that exist for single women, a single woman is increasingly being viewed as a symbol of independence. Gone are the days when a single woman was ridiculed because of her decision to stay single. Many women are increasingly opting to stay single on the flimsy excuse that there are no viable men to date. In as much as this reasoning is fallacious, we can’t be blind to the fact that the severity of the situation is by any means a reflection of our stereotypes in the society. Questions abound as to where men can hook up with single women and lead a happier life. this notwithstanding, it’s imperative to note that the best way to win the heart of a single woman is by meeting their expectations of what they want in a man as well as going beyond the call of duty.

The truth of the matter is that there are many single women hovering around and all that men need to do is press the right buttons and put aside their egos. The goal of every single woman is to find a Mr. Right. A man who will sweep them of their feet and make them not only feel loved but also secured. Having this in mind is of paramount importance especially where the issues of winning her heart over are concerned. A woman needs to feel special and appreciated. She needs to be assured that the man who is pursuing her is serious and ready to go for the long walk. As such, a guy should always purpose to find out what interests the woman she is eyeing before mounting a campaign to woo her over. On the other hand, a single woman can also be her own worst enemy when it comes to keeping a man.

Most women tend to believe that they are doing the right thing when in essence they are on the wrong. If you are single and have been trying to get a man without success, then chances are that you are doing something wrong. One of the common mistakes a single woman makes is believing that there is a perfect man out there. This is a fallacy and a myth that has been effectively propagated since time immemorial and which continues to inform the surge in the number of single women. Single women need to realize that there is no such thing as a perfect man. As such, they should first find out whether a man has at least most of the qualities they would want in a man and move forward. Secondly, single women err when they consistently fail to get over their exes. This is a situation where a woman carries the baggage of her previous relationships to her new relationship hence in essence making the man flee.

Another notable factor that has contributed to a woman being single for a long time is their attitude. There are women who do not believe in making compromises and as a result end up making a man feel threatened. They believe that there word is law and that they should always be the ultimate decision makers. In a nutshell, the best way for a single woman to be happy and land the man of her dreams is by her making compromises.

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